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The Molecular Biology Center mainly conducts molecular biology experiments, tissue and pathology experiments, cell biology experiments, and nutrition experiments. Research subjects include model animals and specific human populations. The center also provides services for teachers and students with personnel training, data quality control and scientific research support. At present, there are more than 200 graduate students studying in the center. The center was established along the development of the University and grew rapidly during the construction of a double-first-class university. It has successively upgraded the configuration of the laboratory, extended research fields involving sports and glycolipid metabolism, hypoxic exercise and health, sarcopenia, exercise and intestinal microbiota. Now it can provide strong support for the development of the University. The Center has been equipped with large-scale instruments including flow cytometer, mitochondrial function analyzer, laser confocal microscope, Wes automatic protein western blotting system, small animal micro-CT, multifunctional microplate reader, etc. So lots of experiments can be performed in the center including nucleic acid extraction, gene cloning and identification, cell culture and transfection, cell flowcytometry, etc. The Molecular Biology Research Center ensures that it can effectively serve scientific research and teaching ,also maintain its sustainable development.


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