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   SPF级动物实验室总面积为470平方米,通过上海市学技术委员会组织的专家评审,获得SPF级大、小鼠实验动物使用许可证。仪器设备有: 小动物体成分分析系统、小动物运动跑台、小动物压力容积测试系统、生物显微镜、小动物CT、小动物B超影像系统,能量代谢系统等先进的科研仪器设备,为7k彩票网官方下载科研工作提供保障。


The SPF Animal Room covers total area of  470 square meters. It has passed the review organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and obtained the SPF license for use of small laboratory animals including rat and mouse. To provide versatile services for our college the facility is equipped with small animal body composition analysis system, small animal sports treadmill, small animal pressure-volume system, biological microscope, small animal CT, small animal B-scan ultrasonography, energy metabolism system and other cutting-edge scientific research equipment.      



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